Before I Let Go

This might be a little too late but, here’s hoping it helps someone before it really is too late! 

As a student, I had certain privileges I am sad to say goodbye to at the end of the month. In this post, I am sharing some of those benefits and how I plan to make some of the transitions into, well, non student life. 

To DO: 

  • Use up my dental and eye insurance: I had to pay for mandatory extended health insurance which pretty much covers dental & eye care (it may have more benefits). I already used up the portion allocated to eyes last year, but for now,  I plan to get my teeth cleaned. Bonus: I hear if you need a new pair of sunshades- your extended insurance could cover these, check with your provider. 
  • Change my bank accounts to something more adult friendly: This should be number one on my list because there will be no one to blame when the bank charges hit me (HARD) on September 1st and there is no reversal. In the past, I was on student friendly accounts, same with my credit card. Unfortunately, these accounts come with some ridiculous fees when you are no longer a student. Finding plans that are better suited for my current needs is the goal- please send your suggestions. I’ve heard the smaller banks have some really low fees and attractive interest rates so, I’m considering those too. 
  • File my taxes for prior years to make sure all of those student credits are in with the government: Student credits are really great once you start working. They help pay for some of your tax bill which in turn gives you a higher return in the next year. I believe you can file these any time of the year in Canada (as long as you don’t owe the government). 
  • Check for those subscriptions I no longer need or are too expensive to pay for as a non student: I believe I only have four months left on my Microsoft license before I have to pay for the full thing- I’m exploring other alternatives and gauging how important I need the subscription. Tip: If you have multiple services providing you the same thing (think music/movie streaming services) under a student plan; it might be worth cancelling those subscriptions. 
  • Automating my bills: Sometimes, I tend to spend forgetting I have a pending bill. Automating my bills (and savings) does two things for me- removes the stress of remembering to pay my bills when they come and helps keep me in check- I know that no matter how much I spend, on this day of the month, there has to be enough money to cover the existing auto withdrawals. 

That’s it for me, at the moment. 

What are things you have/had to let go off when you stopped being a student? Please share in the comments. 


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