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  • 4 Steps to Building your Emergency Fund
    Well, hi there! Today I’ll be talking all about emergency funds, what they are, where to save them and 4 easy steps to set up your emergency fund. What is an emergency fund? It is money saved up for unexpected events and emergencies (when life happens).
  • Fall Jackets I love at the moment
    Whoop whoop; it’s the back to back posts for me. 🙂 In today’s post, I’ll be sharing the fall jackets I love at the moment. Even though I feel we are now in winter in Vancouver, I still felt the need to share this post. Pro tip: Layering is a life saver; especially now the […]
  • 5 Things to Look out for In A Financial Accountability Partner
    Hey guys, Today, I’ll be sharing about a financial accountability partner and some things you should look out for in picking one. Luckily enough, I got answers from people on instagram in last week’s episode of your money stories. Now is a good time to follow me on instagram to be a part of the […]
  • How to Save when your take home pay is barely enough 
    In my last finance post, I spoke on ways to increase your income because let’s be honest, sometimes what you are taking enough is barely enough to pay the bills talk more of saving.  I know the last thing you probably want to hear is someone telling you it is possible to save when your […]
  • Mixing Ankara Prints
    How do you feel about mixing ankara prints?
  • 7 ways to increase your income & 10+ side hustle ideas
    I’ve spoken a bit about cutting down on expenses, creating a budget and saving which is a great first step in getting your financial act together. But, sometimes, what you currently have isn’t enough to help cover all your expenses or even get you to the financial goals you have set aside for yourself. A […]