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  • Taxes explained: a beginner friendly guide
    Hey hey, I trust you are doing well and staying safe this period. It is that time of the year again, tax season and I thought it would be nice to share some tax knowledge from all I’ve learnt in the last few years. This post mainly has the basics and is geared towards individuals […]
  • How to be Financially Responsible While Splurging on The Things you love
    A few years ago, I heard Ramit Sethi, author of I will teach you to be rich say this and I thought it was sound advice, “Spend extravagantly on what you love and cut costs mercilessly on things you don’t.” I think about this a lot when I am splurging and treating myself to things […]
  • Tips on investing, saving + economic considerations
    Continued from the last post on Tips on Setting Financial Goals This Year. On Investments and Savings; Do as much research as you can: do your due diligence, read articles, opinion pieces, previous financial statements if you can, ask questions. Do your research!
  • Tips on setting financial goals this year
    It’s 12 days in already and 2021 has been off to an interesting start. For starters, this post that should have come out last year is coming out twelve days into the year, loool. Well, well, let’s get to it already, shall we? Tips on setting financial goals for the year Be realistic: don’t set […]
  • SO you want to save- all things saving!
    What is saving? Simply put, it is keeping money aside for future use. Why is it important? Saving is important because it helps you prepare for the future financially. It is usually one of the first steps one takes on the journey to financial freedom and independence. Saving money helps you stay out of debt, […]
  • 1 blouse, 4 ways
    I bought this blouse before my trip back in September. It was lowkey a birthday gift from my baby sister. Just like everything about 2020, my style has changed a lot this year and I am hundred percentage digging the puffy shoulder pads trends and puff sleeves. I didn’t see this ever happening, did I […]