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  • 12 Attainable ‘Financial’ Goals for 2020
    2020 has been quite the year no doubts and it’s been hard to have those money conversations or even look at our finances- I’m currently avoiding opening my bank accounts because what I don’t know can’t hurt me, you feel me. Pan- de- mic!!
  • 1 skirt, 5 ways
    A few months ago, I styled this skirt in 5 different ways which I will be sharing in this post.  When shopping, I like to think of multiple ways to wear an item. I got this skirt from Primark at the start of the year and it was supposed to be for work and I […]
  • I’ll like to go back to school, what are my funding options?
    Going back to school isn’t always the easiest financial decision to make. Hopefully, you find these options helpful as you begin to consider going back to school.
  • Investing For Beginners
    First things first, investing and trading are two different things although they both try to yield profit in the financial market. Investing is longterm and the goal is to build wealth by holding onto your investment instruments. Trading on the other hand is short term and involves more of buying these instruments at a lower price […]
  • Life As We Know It: The New Normal
    I don’t think anyone ever saw this coming but, here it is and while things are cooling off a little bit in some part of the world, life as we once knew it may never be the same. A friend, Debbie and I host an instagram live on Wednesdays at noon (PST) discussing our lives […]
  • Before I Let Go
    This might be a little too late but, here’s hoping it helps someone before it really is too late!  As a student, I had certain privileges I am sad to say goodbye to at the end of the month. In this post, I am sharing some of those benefits and how I plan to make […]