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  • 5 Things to do in Metro Vancouver that wouldn’t break the bank
    It’s summer time which is probably my favourite season of the year- good weather, lots of things to do and all round good vibes. Summer basically just screams enjoyment. With things back open now, I’m realizing OUTSIDE is very expensive- like super expensive. Have you seen the prices of flight tickets? The summer money jokes […]
  • So you want to buy a home – A guide for First Time Home Buyers from First Time Home Buyers
    Last week, I asked people on instagram who had bought homes or are in the home process journey what they wish they had known before the wish they started their home ownership journey and the answers were so good I had to share it as a blogpost. Disclaimer: this is specific to people who live in […]
  • Interest rate hike- what does it mean for me?
    On Wednesday, the Fed’s increased interest rates by 50 points. In lay man’s terms, interest rate went from 0.5% to 1% in the United States. This is the highest jump the US has seen in more than two decades.  In April, the bank of Canada also increased interest rates by 50 points to 1%. 
  • Red Outfits to Wear This Valentines
    This is a very interesting post for me to write because I personally feel wearing red on valentines day is very cliche, cute but still cliche. Reminds me of elementary school where we had to wear red or white for valentines day and exchange gifts. Whew, the memories. That said, you may or may not […]
  • Colorful Winter Outfits
    I know, I know it’s cold and while we all want to be warm and cuddled up at home and it still gets dark pretty early, the last thing on your mind is probably wearing a conspicuous outfit or anything that would make you stand out in a crowd. What’s the fun in that? If […]
  • You Need A Budget, here’s why
    Hey everyone,  Happy new year. It’s a new year and if you are anything like me, you’ve written your 2022 goals and are looking forward to smashing all your goals this year.