Free Templates

In the past, I was of the opinion that you needed to know where your money went before you could budget adequately for the next period. I still hold this to be true to an extent but, I also believe you can start budgeting right off the bat.

Not sure why tracking your monthly expenses is important, in this post I share the importance of doing monthly accounts. Not sure how to start, here are some tools I currently use to help me monitor my finances and savings goal.

  • Expense Tracker and Budget Template– a monthly template to help you plan how to spend your money with self reflecting questions to help you cut down on expenses.
  • Budget Template
  • Savings Template– a periodical template that shows you how far away you are from your goal and what your periodic contributions should be to get to your desired goal.

Read the instructions, throw some numbers around at first- haha, be intentional and consistent. Remember, Rome was not built in a day so don’t beat yourself up if you were way over budget this month- these things take time.