Me & The Blog

Hey There & Welcome!

My name is Shasha and I started this blog in 2016 during my work term to share my experiences as I journeyed through adulthood. The journey so far has been interesting, challenging and elating, I share my experiences as well as the lessons I learn on here. Currently, I’m a CPA student working as an accountant in downtown Vancouver. I’m also in my early 20’s.


The Blog

Finance, Fashion and More is a lifestyle blog featuring the things I am passionate about and have loved all my life- finance and fashion. I used to think it was impossible to combine both finance and fashion together but, at some point this year, I figured there’s no harm in trying- hence the blog name.

I am big on saving, budgeting and investments but also love looking fashionable/stylish. I also have keen interests in great food (I live in Vancouver, lol), travel and fitness (quite typical of the average young adult, if you ask me). Did I forget to mention I write prose?  I couldn’t think of a better way to share the things I love and the lessons I am constantly learning than through this blog. It is my desire that this blog inspires you to live intentionally, save as much as you can, be financially responsible, try out something new, do everything you want, explore the world around you and remember that you are not alone in whatever it is you may be facing.

I am all over the internet so, feel free to connect with me @awahshasha (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and BlogLovin).

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