November, 17. Highlights

First of all, I am sorry for how late this post is. It has been a busy period and time went by really fast. That said, as 2017 draws to an end, be sure to not only enjoy the last few days but also make the best use of your time.

What I’ve been up to:

I went to Nigeria briefly for my cousin’s wedding. Hadn’t visited Nigeria in almost 2 years so it was really good to be back home. I’ll be sharing all about my trip extensively in the new year. (With so much planned for the blog, now would be a good time to subscribe to the blog. ☺️) #JustSaying. In Nigeria, I had the opportunity to reconnect with family and meet a few new people. I do however, need to visit Nigeria soon on a holiday, and not just for an event.

So I experienced how emotions and feelings could cloud one’s judgement last month. I am only sharing this experience because I believe this is something we ought to look out for in our daily lives. I found out that I wasn’t being completely myself with someone regarding a business idea. Basically, I was letting a number of issues that should have been addressed slide under the table because I really thought highly of this person and the idea. Luckily, within a day, I got a grip of myself and decided that I really don’t want to do business with this person. I think that it is important to know who you are and not compromise on your standards or beliefs just because an idea seems perfect. Lesson: Pay attention to red flags and be yourself. Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement. Yes, you are in love with the idea but, if this is something you would not normally do, re-evaluate or walk away. Practice: Self-Reflection every day.

IMG_9717 2
Got some of my baby pictures.

I think I’m getting the hang of posting consistently- why don’t you be the judge? In November, I shared, my October highlights, 7 meal prep ideas and my trip to Montreal. That was 3/4 posts I planned to do. 💃🏾 I am also learning the habit of not letting things stay on my to do list for more than a week.

Alright, I have to speak about bitcoin. I have been feeling a little left out because I didn’t take heed to my professors advises to get bitcoin last year. So, any time I saw the prices soar higher, my heart would ache and I would read more about bitcoin. But the truth is, I don’t understand bitcoin. I mean, I have an idea of what it is, but I truly don’t understand it. I spoke to my dad recently about bitcoin and he told me “Don’t invest in what you don’t understand”. Ever since he said that, I feel a whole lot better about not getting bitcoin when the prices were low and there is no more regret. I also think that my dad’s statement applies to every other aspect of our lives and not just investments. If you don’t understand or believe in a relationship, cause or whatever it is, and you are not willing to put in the time required to understand or learn. I don’t think you should invest in it financially, emotionally, physically, etc. But, you already knew that, right?

Don’t invest in what you don’t understand.

IMG_9734 Let’s see, what else am I forgetting? 

I started reading the book of proverbs and it has really been life changing. Ahh, the quest for wisdom has never been more real. I am definitely going to share my insights on the book on here in the new year. Well, in October’s highlights, I wanted to imbibe the habit of working out in the morning- yeah, that didn’t happen, I’ll try again in 2018. I wore makeup a lot and got to be on a sponsored instagram post that wasn’t mine (an advert)- Can you tell I’m stoked? Just thought you should know.

I’m still listening to the same podcasts that I was listening to a month ago. However, I really enjoyed this episode of No Limits with Joy Mangano (Same woman from the movie, Joy).

I am currently reading a book called Focus by Jurgen Wolff. Although this book was published in 2008 (Before Snapchat and Instagram), there is still so much to learn from this book and I highly recommend the book. Am I the only one who feels like Instagram has been creeping on me? I notice that things I browse appear as sponsored posts on my feed. CREEPY. Well, I read this article on how our minds can be hijacked (it is a long read but totally worth it) and I strongly feel the need to detach myself from social media (I am off snapchat again).

December Resolutions: I want to end this year feeling fulfilled. That said, I want to complete the goals that I set for the year (the attainable ones), plan for the new year and end this year in joy.

Good catching up with you all, if you haven’t subscribed to the blog, you should do that before the year runs out (like, right now). I really want to hear your thoughts on this post, I want to know what lessons you learnt from November. Please leave me a comment or send me and email at Also share the love by sharing this post with your friends.

Talk soon,

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