New York, New York

I got to spend my 21st birthday in New York, courtesy of my aunty. (Thank you so much, Aunty!) My trip was amazing as I got to see some of my high school friends that I hadn’t seen in almost 5 years (Woohoo), spend time with family and tour New York.


How I felt and feel about New York 

Firstly, New York was very chaotic but full of life (even at night), a little too much for me (wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle). There never a dull moment, and oh, such good food, it is truly the city that never sleeps. This is definitely a place I would visit someday and I can totally see myself living here in my mid-twenties. Key to exploring New York as a tourist? Plan ahead of time but also be flexible with your plans.

What I got up to in New York

Boat Cruise & tour– I recommend this if you are trying to get the most of the city in about 90 minutes. The tour I went on showed a number of interesting sites such as the estimated spot of the miracle on the Hudson, statue of liberty (apparently, there are tours that include a tour of the island), Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge and a lot more.


9/11 Memorial– This location was a little emotional, a lot of innocent people lost their lives, yet, inspiring, such a beautiful memorial and tourist attraction.


When something bad happens you have three choices. You can either let it DEFINE you, let it DESTROY you, or you can let it STRENGTHEN you.

Westfield World Trade CentreW- High end shopping mall beside the 9/11 memorial. Also has the train line to New Jersey.


The Metropolitan Museum of Arts (MET)– Now, I’m not a huge fan of museums but I enjoyed this museum because there was so much to see and it was very informative. The museum is by donation.

Fashion History display (Spot Rihanna’s dress)


Egyptian Art Display

On another note, I got to sit on the MET steps (as a die-hard gossip girl fan, lol).


Central Park– Right beside the MET and incredibly big. I hope to cycle around the whole park in the nearest future.

Time square– I’m going to let the pictures describe this place to you.


Grand Central Station– After seeing a lot of movies set in New York, I was really thrilled to see this station. I am kind of over the hype or buzz now, but, the Apple Store there is probably the biggest Apple Store I have seen in my life.


Wall Street– Wallstreet, wall street! As one in finance, you probably can guess why this was a “must-see” for me. There’s not a lot to see to be honest (maybe the opening and closing bells at NYSE). I just loved being there and it helped to put my dreams into better perspective.


Wall Street Bull(s)

Brooklyn Bridge– Cycling on the Brooklyn bridge (solo) was a bliss. I had some much needed Me Time and I got to enjoy the beauty of the city. I got on one of the Citi bikes and cycled into Brooklyn and back to Manhattan (Quite the workout too).


Views of Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn Bridge

Washington Square Park


Top 4 Essentials For NY– Money, Phone (google maps + power bank), comfortable shoes and a Metro card. Bonus: My purse.

Ada’s Top 7 Food Spots

  • Waffles & Dinges
  • Keens Steakhouse
  • Gaonnuri- Tongue licking Korean food with a view. Book ahead of time to get a view.


  • Julianas Pizza- Long line-up because it is that good but trying “New York Pizza” should be on your list of things to do.
  • Buka Restaurant for Nigerian Meals
  • Magnolia Bakery on Timesquare for pastries

    Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery
  • The Skylark- top cocktail bar with a good view (Over 21 only)

Shasha’s bonus:

  • Galanga, Thai Cooking. Amazing Thai food by NYU and also get the Thai tea! Thank me later.
  • Cheesecake Factory- Good food but better cheesecake!
  • Street Food- You really can’t go wrong with those hot dogs and mangoes! Reasons why you should carry cash around.

I hope you enjoyed this post on my trip to New York. Please feel free to share with your friends, subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already and leave me a comment.

Talk Soon,



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