Fall Jackets I love at the moment

Whoop whoop; it’s the back to back posts for me. 🙂 In today’s post, I’ll be sharing the fall jackets I love at the moment. Even though I feel we are now in winter in Vancouver, I still felt the need to share this post. Pro tip: Layering is a life saver; especially now the weather is getting cooler.  

Brown Trench Coat: This is a wardrobe staple in my opinion. It is super cute, very stylish but not warm at all. It’s also light enough to wear on those breezy summer/spring nights. I got this from @forever21. Shop something similar here.

Bright colored Parka jacket: I absolutely love the color of this jacket and the details on the jacket. It is very cute and a statement piece but, is not warm at all. Nothing proper layering can’t solve. I got this from Zara a few years ago.

Puffer jacket: This jacket is warm enough, cute enough and is also water proof. Perfect for Raincouver. This was gifted to me by @dynamiteclothing. Shop something similar here.

Men’s Jean jacket: I think a jean jacket is another wardrobe staple. And we love a good denim on denim over here. This is from topman. Shop something similar here.

Fur vest: This vest is purely for aesthetics but is warm enough if you wear a thick sweater or top. Super chic and cute; adds a bit of Whoaaaa to your outfit! I got this from Forever 21 but you can find something similar here.

Rain jacket: This is my favourite jacket and is very handy especially since I live in #Raincouver. The hood is adjustable so on days it isn’t raining, it’s a cute jacket. This jacket is not a hundred percent warm but works perfect with just a sweater; even in ‘Vancouver’s winter‘. The details at the back are also fire.

Bonus: A leather biker jacket. I recently just got rid of my old one (wear and tear). I think it served me well for about 7 years so I was sad to say goodbye. It cost me $20 back in the days and was from forever 21. Shop something similar here.

I’ve had most of these jackets for years so I couldn’t find most of them online anymore. I think I got the trench jacket for $7 or something crazy. Closing sale. My finance tip: Shopping off season saves you $$.

Hope you enjoyed this and hope to talk soon. It’s your turn; what are your favourite fall jackets? Also, if you had to travel with one jacket for an entire year, which would it be? I think mine would be the rain jacket.


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