5 Things to Look out for In A Financial Accountability Partner

Hey guys,

Today, I’ll be sharing about a financial accountability partner and some things you should look out for in picking one. Luckily enough, I got answers from people on instagram in last week’s episode of your money stories. Now is a good time to follow me on instagram to be a part of the conversation. 

An accountability partner is basically someone who holds you accountable to your goals and ensures you are achieving those goals. If you have financial goals like me, it makes sense to have someone hold you accountable to reaching those goals especially if this is your first time saving or you are just starting your financial wellness journey. 

Studies show that telling someone about a goal and having them hold you accountable to the goal increases your chances of achieving that goal. If you think about it, when you tell someone like your manager or professor you are going to get something done by a certain time, you are more likely to get it done. I like to think the same principle applies with an accountability partner. 

Here are some of the main things you should look out for in choosing an accountability partner. 

  • They have your best interest at heart: Your accountability partner should be someone who has your best interest at heart. You shouldn’t have to question where their loyalty lies. Your accountability partner should not be trying to sell you something at the detriment of your own financial health. Personally, I wouldn’t have my financial advisor as my accountability partner. 
  • You trust them: Not a lot of people talk about their finances, how much they make, spend and can save or put towards their financial goals. With that in mind, you are going to open up to your accountability partner about money habits and financial wellbeing so you want to make sure you trust this person and are comfortable sharing with them on your finances.
  • Someone who is non judgemental: The last thing you need is someone side eyeing you and judging you for your previous money mistakes or your money habits. You want someone who encourages you not makes you feel like crap over your money habits. However,
  • Someone who is firm enough to hold you accountable to your goals: You want someone that is firm enough to call you out on your BS and any excuses that you might make. You don’t want an accountability partner who can’t call you out when you are slacking on your goals or when you could have done better. 
  • Someone with similar money values and one who is serious and committed to their financial well being: If you can, get someone who is way advanced like a mentor or money coach to hold you accountable to your goals but, if you can’t then you can find a friend or someone who you admire that is doing really well with their money. You stand a lot to gain from that relationship as they can share a lot of information with you. 

Now you know what to look out for in an accountability partner. How do you go about this relationship:

  1. Create a plan 
  2. Schedule regular meetings to talk about your goals, review and track your progress. This could be monthly, bi weekly or weekly. 
  3. Be completely honest with them about where you are at. It is waste of everyone’s time and your loss if you aren’t honest with them about your goals and finances.
  4. Value their time and help by actually sticking to your goals and not playing around.

Bonus point: If you are both holding each other accountable, that’s a win win because it could feel less formal and would be more fun. 

Who could be your accountability partner: Anyone. Make sure they tick the 5 things highlighted above. 

Here is what people answered:

Practice what they preach

They have an accountability partner 

Asking me to think logically about my spending and what my financial goals are. If those goals don’t align, being able to talk me out of the bad decisions. 

Shouldn’t be annoying about it though. No one wants another parent 

Similar money values. Don’t tell me to not dine out because I want to buy a house YOLO plz. 

Someone who has similar midset with money and similar financial goals help 

Balance, because I no wan suffer when money dey account (Someone who is level headed, I’m not trying to suffer when I have money)  

Honesty and intelligence


It’s your turn. What do you look out for in an accountability partner. Have you ever had one before? What was the relationship like? Did they help you in achieving your goals?

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