7 Courses Worth Taking

During my law class last semester, my professor mentioned the importance of taking a law class or knowing a few things about the law and our rights as customers, business owners and individuals. That statement inspired this post. Hopefully, this helps anyone who is trying to find an elective or is just curious to learn something new.

Elective courses are courses that are not required for your discipline but count towards completing your degree. For my program, I had some elective courses to take, and this gave me the opportunity to take classes I was interested in. For example, I took music, women’s study and sex education class in addition to my Economic courses. Random fact- I took my first history class ever at the end of my 2nd year of university. 

  • Economics Course- Okay, maybe this one made it to the top of the list because it is my discipline. However, Economics is necessary, and all you need to take is an introductory course to help you understand the theory of demand and supply or enlighten you on how governments make decisions. Here is an introductory video I did on Economics for a class project.
  • Sociology Course– Sociology studies social institutions (such as family, community, religion, etc.) and the relationship these institutions have with the rest of the society. Taking a sociology course made me realise my passion for women’s equality.
  • Computer Science Course- Want to learn how to use essential tools like excel, word, access or even create a website? A computer science course could help with this.
  • Philosophy Course- This is one course I still haven’t taken- I’m working on it. Best described, philosophy is the study of knowledge. Read more. It would be interesting to know more about Aristotle, ethics, logic, Socrates and the rest as these words pop up often in conversations and papers.
  • Environmental Science Course – For awareness. Taking a course in this field makes you more aware of ways to save the environment and inspires more sustainable practices.
  • Law Course– Some of the few reasons why you should take a law course are so you can understand your rights better and be a lot careful about signing contracts, your actions, being negligent (torts), etc. This course is highly recommended.
  • A public speaking Course- For some people, public speaking comes naturally, and for others, it doesn’t. If you are wondering what elective to take next semester and struggle with delivering speeches, this might be a good course to consider. You learn tips how to improve your public speaking presentations and also get the opportunity to practice in front of the class/group.
  • Bonus: Social Media Course – Just because there is so much to learn from this and the social media keeps evolving! Even though I am pretty familiar with social media as a mid-90’s kid, there was still so much I learnt from my social media course. To be honest, everything you need to know is on the internet, so you don’t need a class for this but if you need an easy elective- this is a good one.

I hope you enjoyed this post and learnt a thing or two from this. Please share what your thoughts are on this list with me. Did I miss a course? Have you taken any of these courses before, did you enjoy them? Are they worth taking? I look forward to reading your comments.

Talk soon,


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8 thoughts on “7 Courses Worth Taking

  1. Nice post Miss Shalvah.
    Well I would put the computer science course at the top of the list, although I’m an economist too. Reason is Computer tech or ICT in general is very important for this age of ours. No matter what you’re studying, you need at least a foundational knowledge of computers. For example in economics we use software like e views and SPSS. So the computer elective should actually be compulsory. Its kinda compulsory where I graduated from.


    1. Thank you for your insight, Pheranmiee. I agree that computer science is a very important course to take. I guess a number of schools do not think the course is compulsory since they believe every student should be able to use a computer or some basic softwares.


  2. You Expose’s on electives in very insightful, the overview is apt and has given a good summary of each subject area. Philosophy, as you have rightly put, can be so bland at first encounter, but I daresay, it’s very interesting as it is the bedrock of all ethics and principles of the various fields of studies. Keep up, Esse


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