Lessons from getting lost

During my holiday in Cambridge, I got on a bike and cycled to the city centre to sight see and window shop. Well, that was the plan and the goal was very simple- To make my way to the city centre without the use of my cellphone (except to listen to music and take pictures). That meant, no calls, texts, social media, OR Google maps!

I had been to the city centre a number of times with my mom & my sister so I assumed I could find my way there easily without a map. No, this is not one of those life changing moments, just a few lessons that I think are worth sharing. Enjoy!

As you can already guess, I got lost. Biking in a rather new city without any form of guidance meant I was going to get lost. No matter how skilled you might think you are; you need guidance.  A lot of times, we feel we know everything and can succeed without help. Regardless of how old or mature we think we might be, we need guidiance and direction. Starting a new career, college, a new job?? Don’t shy away from asking for help.img_5510

On my trip, there were so many roads that looked familiar, so I got on them. Some led me no where, others led me to places I had been to but not the city centre. The fact that a path seems right doesn’t mean it is right for you at that time or for that journey.

If I am being honest, this really didn’t occur to me until some time this month when I was talking to my dad. So here it is- You should be aware of your surroundings. When my dad came for my graduation, he highlighted a random spot he remembered from his previous trip. How did he remember? He mentioned 3 landmarks he noticed back then so this helped him easily remember the spot on this journey. Getting lost made me more aware of my surroundings and I was constantly looking for clues. Imagine how easier my journey would have been if I had taken note of landmarks in the past. Thank God for road signs that lead me to the city centre. I know, it’s hard and you’d rather be on snapchat showing of the beauty of the place and hey, what are maps for? But, this is something worth considering in my opinion.

On my way back home, I decided to use the maps and listen to music at the same time. FAIL!!- I had to give one up. I couldn’t do both at the same time. You need to FOCUS and put in your 100% at whatever you am doing!


Finally,  Enjoy the moment– Somehow, social media has sold the idea of sharing our memorable experiences with friends and family as being more important than actually enjoying the moment. We get so caught up with wanting to have a vibrant social media feed (going live, live stories, sharing our locations, connecting with those in similar locations, etc) that we forget to actually enjoy the moment. Recently, I saw someone on a rollercoaster (the scary ones that spin you upside down) who tried to record the entire ride. Yes, Really!  Subsequently, the ride was stopped and he was asked to put his phone in his pocket.  Don’t get me wrong, a few pictures here and there are okay, we all just need to know where to draw the line. (Myself included☺️)


So, here are the few lessons I got from being lost in a different city. Ever gotten lost? How did you feel? Please don’t hesitate to share your experience with me. I’ll be looking forward to reading them.

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4 thoughts on “Lessons from getting lost

  1. Well sometimes being lost is kinda fun. You can pretend you’re an explorer stepping on new land and trying to find your way and then you enjoy the thrill that comes from finding your way, after trying every open road and alley way. But when you’ve been trying to find your way and ‘your way’ seems to be completely misplaced and the sun has started to set you’re bound to feel depressed and afraid. That’s why its best you just dont get lost especially when you are not in a safe place. One thing that makes people get lost easily is their pride. They are too proud to ask for directions so they end up walking say 20miles in the wrong direction. I’m guilty of that too.
    Yea also to avoid being lost, its best to take a route you know very well instead of following one suggested to you by another person, except if the person is able to explain it to you very well or better still come along with you.

    Thanks Shasha nice post.


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