Reading For Pleasure

Growing up, I rarely enjoyed reading books although I did read a few books a year (to please my parents).  As I grow older, I acquired an interest in reading without being compelled to and this has not only increased my thirst for more knowledge and understanding but has also broadened my realm of imagination. Reading has also spurred an interest in writing, click here for my attempt on fictional writing.

2017 Reading & Writing Goals

Some of the books I plan to read this year
  • Read one book a month.
  • Explore different genres.
  • Read at least one book on investments or finance.
  • Review books I have read on this blog.
  • Write & share more on the blog.
  • Read more articles, not just the headlines.

Some of the benefits of reading I have experienced so far are:

  • Different perspective on certain issues.
  • Better understanding of the subject.
  • Unending quest for more knowledge.
  • As mentioned earlier, a broadened realm of imagination.

I hope you enjoyed my little note on reading for pleasure. I look forward to reading some of your reading goals this year, book recommendations, and tips for reading and writing.

Talk some other time,


NOTE- Wattpad and Goodreads are some of my favourite reading and writing social platforms.


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