This is a sequel to my post on asking/ speaking up (click here to read); a little note on listening.

A lot of times I get so wound up in my thoughts, opinions and ideas that I  unconsciously block my ears and mind to contradicting opinions or whatever is being said. Have you ever found yourself in that situation?

In dealing with being bashful and not being able to speak up- I learnt the art of listening. The art of not just hearing but seeking understanding of what the other person is saying. Needless to say, I have learnt so much from simply listening to people.

Quickly, some of the perks I discovered from listening:

  • You have a better understanding of the person, the situation and what is being discussed.  I have read of business deals that got annulled because one party could not listen to the other.
  • You avoid asking questions that have already been answered. This can be particularly embarrassing especially if you are trying to make a good impression.
  • You get the opportunity to make intelligent responses based on what is being discussed and not prior knowledge. (I enjoy when people quote me or make reference to what I had discussed when responding to me- it shows they were listening).
  • I find that listening to others expands my realm of imagination.
  • You could learn a lot of “random” things from listening to people. Things that you may never find on the internet, or in books.
  • Listening is a part of communication; how can you say you have good communication skills when you haven’t mastered the art of listening?
  • In the case of an argument, you have a better understanding on the opposing argument, hence you get to ‘see’ things from a different perspective.
  • You could miss simple instructions or information.

I saw this acronym online that I believe is worth sharing.


Remember, if you want to be listened to, you need to listen to others. I hope you enjoyed my little note on listening. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on listening with me- I look forward to reading them!

Talk Later,


Photo from: http://www.faculty.londondeanery.ac.uk/e-learning/appraisal/skilful-questioning-and-active-listening


6 thoughts on “L.I.S.T.E.N

  1. Love this note….and it’s the perfect sequel to your note in Asking.

    As well all strive to be better communicators, I find that listening as well as questioning for understanding and clarity are critical. It would be nice to see a note from you on your experience asking questions to help you better understand.


  2. Not listening can do a lot of damage to relationships. And listening can solve a lot of problems. It’s easier to jump to wrong conclusions, when we don’t listen fully to what the other party has to say. I guess one reason most of us don’t listen is because we feel, we already know all the other party has to say, so we feel, since there’s nothing new, why should i stress my ears? I think I’m guilty of that. I’ll make a conscious decision to listen today and see how ‘bored’ or ‘awed’ I get.

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