When In London (Visit the Queen)

“Oh the places you’ll go to, today is your day! Your mountain is waiting,so get on your way!”- Dr. Seuss

Growing up, one of the nursery rhymes I sang featured the line “I’ve been to London to look at the Queen” and so when I was in the UK, there was no way I was not going to see the Queen (or at least try to visit).There were so many places I wanted to visit in the UK but I was held bent on not adjusting my body clock and so this made me sleep through out the day and stay up at night- needless to say, there is not a lot to do at night.

I was finally able to tour London with some of my high school friends (Bless your hearts) through the help of 2 espresso shots.

I was not able to see everywhere I had wanted to see because I only had a few hours to tour however, I think I may have seen most of the places I wanted to visit. Some of the places I visited were:

  • Jubilee Park– This is where London Eye is and it is a few minutes walk from Waterloo station. It also has a county hall and shows such as Shrek in the area.

    2016-05-27 15.36.13
    London Eye


2016-05-27 15.01.41           London Eye

  • Parliament Square, Westminster- Parliament Square in Westminster is next to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. The square was created in the 1860s and contains statues of well known statesmen including Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and a lot more.
    2016-05-27 16.02.152016-05-27 15.45.51
  • 2016-05-27 16.04.56
    Westminster Abbey- Church of St. Peter at Westminster
  • Buckingham Palace (The Queen was not around when I visited -The union flag was flying above the residence.)  I also missed the changing of the guards.2016-05-27 08.45.03
    2016-05-27 08.50.12
    London was definitely more fun with these guys

    2016-05-27 16.45.38

  • Oxford Street- This is the shopping heaven for any shopaholic but be careful! My friends and I grabbed lunch at some burger place here.

    2016-05-27 09.47.14
    Apparently, I don’t have any picture of the street. 😦
  • Trafalgar square
  • 2016-05-27 19.44.09

    2016-05-27 19.40.40
    Beautiful square
  • Tower of London / Tower Hill /Tower Bridge( In an attempt to find the London Bridge, I found this place which is equally beautiful and made me feel like I was in the medieval times.
  • 2016-05-27 20.26.34 HDR
    Tower of London
    2016-05-27 20.29.52
    Tower Bridge

    2016-05-27 20.25.24

    2016-05-27 20.25.59
    Lion (In DJ Khaled’s voice)
    2016-05-27 20.23.13


  • The Monument to the Great Fire of London- Known as the monument.2016-05-27 20.49.272016-05-27 20.49.18
  • London Bridge – This was the last place I visited in London and guess what, I walked a few kilometers on the bridge and didn’t even realize I was on it. (LOL)
  • 2016-05-27 20.55.19
    You can see the Tower Bridge in the background

Tips on how to move around

  • For the places I have visited, I believe you only need a one zone pass to move around using the underground trains and the buses.
  • I advice that you use google maps or some transit app as the undergrounds can be somewhat confusing.
  • Don’t be scared to ask questions. I noticed they were a lot of train officials at the station who can help you and tell you how to get to your directions.
  • There are also physical maps which I would recommend as they give you a general idea of what tourists sites are close to each other. It is also helpful in the event that your phone battery dies.

I hope you have found this post interesting and enlightening. I really wish I took pictures with one of the taxis they have over there (very different from our yellow cabs and regular cars here) in the background.

Talk later,



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