The Little Black Dress

This post is from my previous blog (http://awahshasha.blogspot.caalthough I have edited it.

My mother used to say that every woman needs to have a black dress.

Guess what? She was right!!!

Here I am pairing up this black body con dress from Zara with different jackets, a sweater and accessories to achieve different looks.

I apologize in advance that the photos are not sharp.


1)  Work or Casual Outing Look

Sometimes, less is more and flat shoes are pretty comfortable. I wore this outfit to an evening service and wanted to look stylish yet keeping it very simple. It worked!

                      Sweater- Zara; Ankara purse- Hand made by Me 🙂 Shoes- Call It Spring

2) The Not So Casual Look

I decided to try the look above with heels and I absolutely love this look and wish I could wear heels all day. (Oh well)

Shoes and Shades- Aldo

3) Coachella Maybe- Afro Party Look Definitely 

I think I may have achieved the look I was looking for. (Fingers crossed)

Shirt- Aeropostale, Sling on- Roots, Shoes- Keds

4) The Turban and The Jacket

So, I never got to taking off the turban because it was so pretty but I guess this outfit will still be amazing without the turban.

Shoes- H&M, Jacket- Zara, Beads- Mama Bear, Turban- Ankara material, Shades- Ardene (Can’t remember)

 5) Warm Spring Day on The Beach

 For the love of Sharwama, drop the food S!


Kimono- Aeropostale, Shades- Aldo

6) The Not So Little Black Dress/ Behind the Scenes 🙂

1 dress, different ways to wear it. If you don’t already have a black dress, go get yourself one.

(Remember, the more simple the design of the dress is, the easier it is to create different looks!)

Till next time,


4 thoughts on “The Little Black Dress

  1. Shalvah baby . Keep up the good work💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 Can’t wait to meet up with you in Canada even which I know you will anticipate and act like you don’t …😭😭😭


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