What I wore to Weddings Last Year

It’s that time of the year where everyone is getting married- whoop whoop. I attended a couple of weddings last year and wanted to share some of my outfits on here. 

Asoebi girls: Asoebi is a uniform material that is worn by the friends and family of the celebrants of an event. Asoebi could be worn for birthday celebrations, weddings, funerals etc. 

This was my first time being an asoebi girl and I really enjoyed it. I wanted something trendy yet cute so I had to awaken the inner designer in me. Needless to say, she was greatly pleased. I opted for a corset top and a mermaid bottom – I figured with a corset top, I could easily adjust the dress if it was too big for me without having to make any alterations. I gave the tailor my measurement a few months earlier and it fit in one fitting. The hips were a little tight but other than that, she understood the assignment. I sent her some inspiration I had seen online to give her an idea of what I was looking for and made a sketch of what I wanted. Check her out here. (She’s very affordable and her customer service is A1).

We had auto geles (the headscarves) because no one has the energy to be tying gele and these were cheaper too. The headscarves already came tied so all we had to do was put it on our heads and tighten it to ensure it fit. Here’s what my outfit looked like.

For the white wedding, I was initially going as a wedding guest and it was a struggle to get the right dress. A week or 2 before the wedding, I contacted the designer who did my asoebi and asked her if she could replicate this dress I had seen Takunda wear for a wedding. As a fashion babe, I made a statement with my dress, although in hindsight, if I knew I would have been a part of the bridal party, I would have worn something less EXTRAA! The dress arrived really tight on me so I had to make alterations on the dress. There was some extra material on the side which we loosened to get the dress to fit.

Tip: If you are getting a custom made dress, it is recommended you ask your tailor or designer to leave additional room (maybe an inch or 2 on both sides) so you can easily adjust the dress if it is too small for you. This allows you to easily adjust the outfit without worrying about it not fitting.

A Winter Wedding: This was a last minute wedding and I was brainstorming what to wear. I had this sweater dress I bought in the summer from the Zara summer sale and was saving for a special occasion. It ended up working since this was the warmest dress I had packed for my trip (I wasn’t feeling too well at the wedding). I went heavy on the black accessories to hide the fact that it was a cream dress and paired this with a beige coat which I wore for most of the event. The dress was pretty basic as it was just a knit pencil dress but it had these balloon sleeves that gave the outfit more character.

Whew the memories. Well, well, that’s it for me and I hope you have enjoyed this post and picked a tip or two.

Talk soon,

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