Red Outfits to Wear This Valentines

This is a very interesting post for me to write because I personally feel wearing red on valentines day is very cliche, cute but still cliche. Reminds me of elementary school where we had to wear red or white for valentines day and exchange gifts. Whew, the memories. That said, you may or may not find me wearing red on Valentines day. I’m not entirely sure just how I feel about it just yet. Well, if you are looking for red outfits to wear this Valentines or a way to way red, I got you. PS: Creating this article made me realize how much red I have in my closet.

A red jumpsuit: This is perfect for Galentines (arghh), having a few friends over or even a nice evening at home with your lover. It would also be nice to wear if you are going for lunch and live in a warm place. There’s no need to heavily accessorize this because red is pretty bright and the jumpsuit is the one and only statement piece. Light jewellery is advised. Shop some red jumpsuits here: Revolve, Guess, Ever New, Nordstrom Rack.

Formal Red dress: Valentines day is on a Monday and if you want to kill two birds with one stone, you could wear a cute red dress to work and wear it for your date or hangout after work. Go easy on the accessories for this one too. Shop something similar from Nordstrom Rack.

Bodycon Red dress: This is a very versatile dress because depending on how you accessorize it, it could either be worn as a very casual dress or you can throw on some heels and wear it for date night. My dress is from Zara and I have had it for years. They typically have this dress in different colors over the spring and summer and it is about $20. Shop something similar at Revolve, PLT.

Touch of Red (Accessories)

Scarf: If you are somewhat like me and don’t know how you feel about wearing all red on valentines day, you could throw on a red scarf, shoes, purse or coat to your outfit. This would work on dresses that have patterns with red, black or white outfits and the greys. It is also perfect for elevating your look. Shop something similar here.

A Red Purse or Shoes: Shop similar shoes here.

A Red Coat or Jacket: My jacket is from Zara but here’s a red coat from Zara I like.

Red Lipstick and Nails: If you want to wear red or forgot to wear red and want to still be in the spirit of Valentines but the other options wouldn’t really work for the outfit you have planned, wear some red lipstick (mine is MAC Ruby Woo) or paint your nails red.

That’s it from me. I hope you have enjoyed this post and have found it super helpful. Remember, you are loved far beyond your greatest imagination. ❤

Talk soon,

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