Mixing Ankara Prints

How do you feel about mixing ankara prints?

I was very skeptical about this one but I’m happy with the results and how it came out (doesn’t look like a complete fail to me). How I kinda figured these two would work well together; I didn’t. However, the yellow and blue in both the top and skirt was a sign that maybe just maybe these two would go well together. I’ll let you be the judge. What do you think, do you think they went well together?

I threw on a beaded necklace here to make the neckline of this top a bit more vibrant

Ankara Top and Skirt were made in Nigeria. The top was a gift and the skirt was something my mom’s tailor made for me.

Basket bag: Zara, found it here (old)

Shoes: Top shop (old, similar item)

Photography: Arielle Ilona

Talk Soon,

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