1 skirt, 5 ways

A few months ago, I styled this skirt in 5 different ways which I will be sharing in this post.  When shopping, I like to think of multiple ways to wear an item. I got this skirt from Primark at the start of the year and it was supposed to be for work and I think it was 7 pounds (lool, I’ve probably only worn this once and unfortunately don’t think I can fit into it anymore, covid). 

Throw on a shirt, trainers and a hat. 


Similar shirt here

Substitute the trainers for heals and take off the hat for a more formal look


A bright coloured top- This is a dull coloured skirt so, add a bright colour to brighten things up.


Similar top here 

A black top and a belt bag. 


Similar belt bag here

Throw on a blazer and some heels to switch this to a formal look


Similar blazer here

Hope you enjoyed this post. What’s your favourite look so far? Which one would you be recreating or see yourself wearing in the nearest future.

Talk soon,

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 11.03.27 AM

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