Fall 2018 LookBook- Why Stay?


A number of us like the security and are not bold enough to venture into something new.
Some of us have people looking up to us, there is a part in us that fears ruining that image or having people question our decisions.
We simply prefer to play it safe.
We stay.

A lot of days I question the path I have chosen
The journey seems long, boring and tasking
And the reward, nothing too extraordinary or fulfilling
Million dollar investments and properties around the world before 30 is in fact the dream.

However, there is so much I want out of life
My mind constantly battles the desires to be in the court house but my soul loves the numbers.
There’s also the creative side of me that is of little or no value to me at the moment
However, I fear that I may be wasting this art.
I want it all, who doesn’t?

I listen to women breaking boundaries in different fields
And I am reminded I am destined for greatness
I know that I can achieve success in any path I follow
But the Economist in me seeks to maximize my earnings & satisfaction at the lowest possible cost.

I evaluate my risks and rewards
Pick my bags and head out
pursuing the path ahead.
Questioning my decision at every bump I encounter
I complain, cry and grumble each time
And when you ask me why I stay,
the cycle starts all over again

– Am I where I should be?



Outfit details
*Sweater – Forever 21 *Jeans Jacket- Topman *Boots- Call It Spring *Skirt & Hat- H&M


Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 11.03.27 AM

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