The Friendship Post: Am I a good friend?

Unlike the typical friendship post that has you thinking about the quality of your friends and your friends, this post is written for YOU to help YOU reflect on whether or not you are a good friend.
How to be a good friend. Here are some practical examples on how you can be a good friend.

  • Check up on your friends, don’t wait for the other party to check up on you before you check in to see if they are okay.
  • Ensure you understand your friends and know what makes them upset and happy. You should know when to draw the line regarding certain jokes.
  • Ask yourself if you are forcing yourself on someone. If you are forcing yourself on a friend, then the friendship could feel one-sided. However, the person might just not be as invested in the friendship as you are.
  • Know who you are and love yourself. You can’t seek love or self-validation from a friendship/relationship. You can’t even be yourself if you do not know who you are.


  • You shouldn’t feel the need to be someone else when you are around your friend. This has nothing to do with your friend as it has everything to do with you. Ask yourself this – Am I influenced by this person and is this influence positive or negative? Do I want to be influenced by this person? Am I being true to myself?
  • Your friends should inspire you and you shouldn’t be envious of them. If you realize you are envious of a friend, kill envy with acts of love or take a few steps back to self-evaluate and reflect on the reason you feel that way. #StayInspired and be honest with yourself.
  • Be sensitive to your friends needs. If your friend is currently going through something, be there for them.

I want to be the friend I expect my friends to be.- Shasha

  • Do not think you are better than your friend. Yes, your friends will be better than you at somethings and vice versa. However, you should never look down on your friends or feel like you are better than them.
  • When you have disagreements, talk to them about it instead of involving others in the issue. If you want to involve someone else- ensure you give a complete story and the person is mature enough to take a neutral stand, pointing out your faults if need be.
  • Support your friends. Support their businesses, projects, etc.
  • Defend your friends, especially in public. People should not feel comfortable speaking badly about your friends in your presence.
  • Make sure their secrets are safe with you.

Keys to a healthy friendship

  • Mutual respect,
  • Knowledge of the other person,
  • Communication, and
  • Trust.

Well well, those are the few thoughts I have on being a good friend. Please share your thoughts in the comments, share with your friends and if you haven’t already- please subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss any post.

Talk soon,

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