A Day In Edinburgh

Hey Guys,

I apologize for my absence on the blog- was preoccupied with final exams.

Recently, I went on a daytrip to Edinburgh, the Capital of Scotland. Here are some highlights of my trip. Enjoy

Getting there

We took a night coach from London and got a return night coach the following day. This was a cheap option as we got to see a lot of the city before the day ended and did not need to pay for accommodation. However, we were exhausted when we got back to London.

Cost: £56 (Last minute tickets, cheaper if you buy earlier)

Glimpse of the Scottish highlands from the coach

Moving around the city: We bought the Edinburgh bus tour pass, which included access to four buses and a boat tour from the South Queens ferry. A great option because you can hop on and off the buses and see the most of the city.

Cost: £30



Food: I wanted to try Scottish dishes all day so we asked the locals for some good Scottish Breakfast and Lunch places. The Wetherspoon was highly recommended so we had breakfast there and lunch at Rabbie Burns Whisky Bar.

Cost- £25  (Breakfast- £5 +Lunch £15 (including dessert or whisky)+ snacks- £5)


The tour buses have different routes although they may all go through some of the same places like the Princes street Gardens (shopping street) and the Canongate Kirk. I advice you listen to the audio guides as you ride through the city because they are educative and interesting.

  1. Circling around the Edinburgh Castle


2) Visiting Adam Smith’s grave; The Canongate Kirk- As an Economist, it was a pleasure to visit the father of Economics’ tombstone.


3) Walking around the Parliament building


4) Visiting the Palace of Holyroodhouse (the exterior)– The Royal Family’s residence in Edinburgh


5) Admiring the Holyrood park- has a pretty good hiking trail.


6) Princes street 


7) Scott Monument– Interesting history about this monument, read more


8) Sailing through the South Queensferry


Good to Know

  • Little fee associated with using the washroom at the bus station.
  • Charging your phone at the bus station requires a fee.
  •  Buses take approximately an hour to complete the tour except the ‘3 bridges tour- bus and boat’ (Takes about 3 hours).
  • The boat tour leads to Inchcolm Island, which you can explore for £7.
  • Lots of libraries and museums.
  • Well maintained ancient buildings. (Lots of history too).
  • 3 different £10 notes.img_4926



  • Prices are as of April, 2017 and are subject to change
  • Tours run from around 9:15- 6pm, however, hours could differ based on the season and the bus.

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I hope to hear from you soon.

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7 thoughts on “A Day In Edinburgh

  1. Alas, I didn’t get to tour Edinburgh, but I did however visit the city of Glasgow. Another brilliant place! If you find yourself there, just be sure to not wear green or blue clothing on the days Rangers and Celtic football teams are playing. It’s like a cult clash. Heck, it is!

    I do recommend visiting North Wales when you can, especially getting up Snowdon Mountain. Highest mountain in Wales.


  2. Good morning to everybody. Thanks for taking United States on on your NYC trip, particularly once you have a chance to be with family. We’ll be within the town during a few weeks to check a show.


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