Confessions of A Foodie

Hi, I love food.

My name is Shasha and I love food.

How did I ever not like food when I was a kid? Back when I had the liberty to eat whatever I wanted to. *Sigh*

Moving on…

I will be sharing how I balance my love for food with a healthy diet and, of course in pictures!

Transitioning from junk food to a healthier diet?

  1. STOP buying junk food! I know it is not as easy as it sounds but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Craving something sweet? How about an apple, a banana, mandarins/tangerine, an orange, watermelon?

    Someone told me that this had a lot of sugar- hey, no judgements!
  2. I still struggle with my greens so I’ll let you in on my secret… Turn your greens into smoothies!! When I first started eating healthy, my greens just used to stay in the fridge till they went bad. Now, I just blend a banana and spinach or kale or lettuce!  (occasionally, I add yogurt or something else).Whatever works…   img_0164-1

    Green Smoothies
  3. Be creative in the kitchen. Buy groceries you are familiar with and experiment with them. The soup made below was made from leftover chicken broth and raw veggies. When I got to work, threw everything in a bowl and warmed it for 2 minutes. The veggies were still very fresh!img_0196
  4. When I first met K*(one of my close friends- not real name), one of the things she said was “Google is your friend”. Don’t be scared to look up new recipes in the internet.

    The veggie recipe was from my Aunty but the smoked salmon was from a website online.
  5. Drink a lot of water!I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I look forward to hearing any suggestions and new recipes from you all!



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