Exploring The World Around You- Granville Island

Hey all,

Most Fridays I get asked the question- Any big plans for the weekend?

ME: No, I am just going to lay low this weekend.

This is typically my answer every other weekend. In fairness to me- the week is already stressful enough, I just want some alone and lazy time. The irony of that however, is that I always have all these places I want to go see *coughs* I mean countries I would love to visit just for the fun of visiting them and also saying “Hey, I was here!”

Over the last few months, my idea of traveling and exploration has changed. To me, travelling is more than getting on a plane to Paris, Las Vegas, New York, Toronto and all the other big and beautiful tourists cities that first come to mind. While it is true that you can explore the world through travel, you should be careful to not neglect exploring the world through your surroundings- where you find yourself at that point in your life. While waiting for the time and money to visit that tourist destination, you can visit or explore the world through your surroundings.

That said, this weekend, I went to visit Granville Island (in Vancouver, it was just 25 minutes away from my house by transit and it was FREE).img_9832


It was very beautiful yet busy (weekend woes). The public market was really great and reminded me a lot of the markets back home in Nigeria. I had one of those moments where you can’t really figure out what to get because you want everything and then just end up walking out with nothing an ice-cream in hand. (Hahaha)

Luckily, one of my friends had worked on the island last summer and was the best tour guide ever- she even knew the shortcuts. We ended our evening beer tasting (I am not a huge fan of beer but hey, this is Canada) which was new and interesting. I actually enjoyed it. Unluckily, my phone battery was already low when I got there so I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures.


Granville Island Brewing
Beer Tasting, flights are $7 for four tasters.

I also walked through False creek to the science world and got on the bridge so I was able to really appreciate Vancouver’s beauty.



I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed my time on the island. I also hope this inspires you to explore the world around you as the little mundane things can spark an idea or an interest.“Be a true traveller, don’t be a temporary tourist.”Amit Kalantri

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF WHAT YOU HAVE- Where you live and your surroundings.

Talk some other time,


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