I have Kinda Lost “It” Today (Work Diaries)

Hey hey,

 Am I the only one who feels mentally lazy sometimes at work? Or maybe sometimes just tired- Crazy adventures the day /night before?  Or sometimes just being overwhelmed by the numerous things you have to do when you get back from work or even at work!

I occasionally find my brain wondering around and eventually worrying about things that do not matter (Well not at that moment). What good does that do?

Here are a few things I do that help me get back to being productive:

1) I go to make a cup of coffee or tea- the process of making tea/ coffee might seem quite irrelevant and cliche but it seems to calm me down and act like a stress or lazy detox. (Hahaha)I am also blessed my office has an amazing view so sometimes I look down at the streets while waiting for my water to boil or coffee to finish brewing. What an amazing way to get back on the saddle.(Plus, you may run into someone in the kitchen, and sometimes, random conversations such as the weather or the game do the trick in getting you out of that lazy mood.)

2016-06-29 09.29.15
Yes to Coffee and cupcakes
2016-07-13 12.56.26
Views- I find the spiral road really fascinating

2) Write a list of things to do- To be honest, I really think if this business/ financial field doesn’t work for me I would go ahead to be a planner. I get really hyped about planning and  more often than not, the hype of planning something as simple as my day and the joy I get when I cross off things from my list is an incentive to get things done.“slap me out of that lazy mood”In the case of feeling stressed striking off things of my to do list alleviates stress (one less thing to do :)) Writing a to do list also gives me a sense of purpose.

3) Start your day again-  sometimes, I just shut down all my tabs and start again, not because google chrome is acting up but because I feel like I get lost in all those tabs. (Looking at all those tabs is also a subtle reminder of how much I have to do and how bad procrastinating is). *By the way, having too many tabs open tends to slow down your system. Click here*

I also find myself rewriting my to do list for several reasons

  • -The page gets really messy (my brain does not do messy, just my preference)
  • -I just need to get more specific or put a reminder beside a certain task
  • -Depending on how the day goes, I just need to reorganize and plan accordingly. (I find that it is better to spend 2-3 minutes to reorganize than to waste 20 minutes being confused.)

 4) Take it a step at a time- Once I write down what needs to be done, I get a better idea of what I need to do and in what order they need to be done. (Prioritize)  I find that this not only helps me to be more focused but I tend to get tasks completed as opposed to getting my hands on so many things but not actually finishing anything. 

5) Get In The Zone and enjoy IT! 🙂

I hope you found these tips helpful and I look forward to hearing other tips and suggestions other people might have.

Talk Later,


6 thoughts on “I have Kinda Lost “It” Today (Work Diaries)

  1. First of all, hot chocolate over coffee. Erryday! All day! (Or what we typically call tea in Naija)
    The tabs and to do list I’ve done without realising they worked. But the view, now that’s something I need to find.

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