About Me



Thank you for stopping by.

My name is Shalvah (Shasha is a nickname that I have been called my entire life). I am in love with Jesus and seek to please Him in everything I do- it is a daily process! 🙂 I love my family to bits. I am from Nigeria although I currently work and school in Canada.  A lot of things interest me; such as finance, fashion, fitness, food,  travels (more like explorations) and much more.

Right from an early age, I have always documented life events (Yes, I was one of those kids/teenagers who had a diary although I would prefer to call it a journal these days). I plan to be able to document my experiences and interests on this blog, that said, this is a lifestyle blog. My hope is that with this lifestyle blog, I will interest and inspire people through my explorations, experiences, interests and the lessons I learn every day.

Feel free to connect with me on social media (@awahshasha on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram)  or send me an email at info@awahshasha.com.

Talk soon,