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About AwahShasha

AwahShasha is an inspirational lifestyle blog that documents the world from my point of view. Hence, the tag line- the world from where I stand. At the moment, I am interested in so many things and would hate to limit this blog to a particular niche. In my opinion, there are so many lessons and inspirations one can get from the different facets of life, it is my goal to explore and share them with you. AwahShasha was created to inspire then entertain you. Here are some things you can expect from this blog- travel documentaries, fitness and health tips, meals, fashion styles, personal finance, faith, fictional and non-fictional stories, reviews, guest features and a whole lot of inspiration.

About ME

IMG_7165I’m Shasha! Although I currently live in Canada, I am from Nigeria. Random Fact: I recently got a bachelors degree in Economics and Business, however, I want to be an Accountant.

I am all over the internet. Feel free to connect with me on @awahshasha (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and BlogLovin) or send me an email at info@awahshasha.com.

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