Exploring SA: Sun City

🎵E -mora E- soka, E- gwara gwara.🎶
🎵 Hit me, hit me with the music. Hit me with the music Mr. Booo-ooones!🎶
After I saw Mr. Bones, my dream to visit Sun City was planted. I remember watching the movie time and time again and being amazed that a place in Africa could be that beautiful- could look like the USA I was used to seeing in movies. Africa is beautiful, I thought to myself then. IMG_0081
Sun City was so popular back then that an estate was even named after it. (I remember asking my mother if this was the same Sun City and if we could visit). My parents told us we would go to Sun City one day but as the years went by, my dream of visiting Sun City became history and I never thought I would visit. Then, many years later- although on a whim, my Sun City dreams became a reality and my experience there was just as wonderful as I thought it would be.
My Sun City adventures ended with me on jet-ski and subsequently on a speed boat- those moments were surreal and I just couldn’t contain my excitement. It struck me-

Everything Good Will Come!

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 2.36.57 AM
Finally got to jet-ski to (Was on my bucket list for so long).

Planning to visit Sun City? Well, like all trips, you need to plan ahead! During the busy seasons, the place gets booked up pretty fast (especially over the weekends- I suppose it is a lot more fun then as the karaoke, weekend activities and parties happen then). Possibly a great idea for a weekend getaway.
Getting to Sun City and moving around– If like me, you are visiting from Johannesburg, you can probably take an uber which is about a 2hr drive and costs about 1300R (one way). You could also drive down too. Once you get there, you probably wouldn’t need a car as there are shuttles accessible to most of the places on the resort. For activites not available on the site, such as the game reserve & safaris, you will need to plan ahead of time to know what times the shuttles to these places depart.

Breakfast with a view.

Tips if you plan to go for a day trip- Leave very early, there is so much to see and enjoy. Plan what you want to do ahead of time but also be flexible with your plans.
What to expect– FUN, Fun and more fun (also a dent in your pocket if you are not careful, lol). There is a vibrant day and night life with activities for all ages.

Valley of waves

What to do in Sun City.


  • Water world- water tube, water snake, jets-ki, parasailing, boat cruise all situated on a man made lake



  • Adrenaline extreme activities such as call of duty, 4X4 Quads and Hovercrafts.
  • Mankwe game reserve for your safari experience. You can even get on a hot air balloon safari.
  • Vibes- sports bar where you can play pool, grab a drink and enjoy the music (South African house music is literally one of my fave genres now.🎶Tshwara, Tshwara🎶).
Forest of lights- a display of lights over the Christmas holidays.
  • Encore- night club
  • Sun Central- hub for eating and shopping

Although I spent a night at Sun City, I enjoyed my time there and loved writing this post too. (#TakeMeBack).  Planning an Easter getaway? Sun City might be a great option which is why I have taken the liberty to research the costs of flights from some popular locations. I hope this helps in giving you an idea of the costs of tickets around Easter time. Remember, winter starts in April so this might be a good time to make a trip there. A trip to Johannesburg from:

Note: These quotes are as of Feb 26th, 2018 and are subject to change. This quote is also based on the travel dates 26th March to 3rd April, 2018. 
Interested in visiting Johannesburg? I share my experience and what I got up to in Jo-burg in this post.
If you plan to visit Sun City, the Sun International website has everything you want to know and you can make the room reservations on there too.  FYI: I also looked up the cost of 4  nights for the Easter weekend (for 2 people) and it comes to about $420/ night at the Soho hotel. 

Talk soon,

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 11.03.27 AM

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful place! The post was
    an enjoyable read indeed! Thank you so much for sharing! Gonna put this place on my Travelling list! 😁🙏✨💕 God bless! Xx


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