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January is finally almost over! That felt like forever.

Quick Update: My savings challenge is currently on hold and will be temporarily replaced with a survey. I realized I just can’t give a bunch of tips and set a challenge based on my experiences. After reading this report from the bank of America, I’ve been inspired to start a mini study to know how people feel about saving, what their challenges are when it comes to saving and most importantly, if people, specifically millennials, feel the need to save.Please click hereto fill out the survey (it honestly takes less than 3 minutes to complete). This will help me (and hopefully others) better understand the relationship between millennials and saving. A full report of this study will be available when the survey ends (at the end of February).

The truth about studies such as this is that one can only make conclusions based on the material available. What am I trying to say? Well, the conclusion I provide- depending on how large the sample size is for that region or that age bracket depends on how many people in that category participate in the survey. I promise to be transparent with my findings however, if you feel your category (age bracket, demography, gender etc.) might be under-represented, share with more people you know fall into those categories – that builds up the sample size for that category. A significant sample size for a given category gets an independent report. For example, if a fifth of the survey comes from people who live in Africa, Africa gets an independent report in addition to the main report.

Not a millennial? That’s okay! We need you too for comparison purposes. Plus, if the sample size for generation X and baby boomers is large enough, those age groups get a report too.

Please SHARE with your friends and as always, feedback, questions and comments are greatly appreciated.

I found this savings survey and think you should participate in it too.

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