The DayDreamer

One of my all time favorite activities is day dreaming. Quite frankly, I have never admitted this to anyone but I really enjoy imagining things that may never happen or things that I wish would happen. I rewind events from the past and alter my reactions (if need be) or I imagine what I hope the future would be like.  Thinking about things help me go to bed at night and I could spend hours just day dreaming if you let me. 

Some of my daydreams involve my hopes for my career, education, marriage, family and basically things that I hope will happen in the future. To be clear, I daydream and I imagine things too (but they are inter related somehow). For example, my first job was washing dishes and I really didn’t enjoy it that much so I’d imagine I was some CEO who was volunteering at a local organization by washing dishes. Another example would be when I was studying for my economics law exam and I imagined I was some top shot lawyer (like Jessica Parker from Suits) who was analyzing the information for my case.

I think my best imaginations/daydreams would be the ones that helped me fall asleep (I know right? Isn’t it weird that I have to think to go to bed?- hmm).  I would imagine getting married (yes, I already know the song that I hope will be playing when walk down the aisle), having kids and everything that is possibly “cute”. Now, because I have never spoken to anyone about this I don’t if I am just weird or if this is normal. (I think it is normal though).

I share this because I always think about the future; I plan ahead (don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong in planning or imagining how life would be). But, if there is anything I have learnt is that no experience is too small or irrelevant; everything happens for a reason so don’t write off that experience as a survival necessity.

Live in the Pesent but live for the Future. 

The mistake I have made in spending too much time imagining and daydreaming about what the future holds is that I forget to live in the reality of today. And the irony of this is that the choices and decisions I make today influence what my life would be like in the future.

Another interesting point to note is the fact that life changes and new challenges emerge every time. If one is not careful, you can spend too much time dreaming or planning without actually considering the current challenges that might hinder you from achieving your dreams.

So don’t be like me (of the past); don’t spend too much time planning for the future without living in present. You imagine yourself losing 20kg, get on a diet, hit the gym! You imagine being rich, study your books (if you are a student) or work harder, save and invest. You imagine being a bestselling author, get a pen and paper and write away!

There is absolutely nothing wrong in day dreaming/ imagining/planning for your future but remember every second that passes by can never be regained.

Live intentionally!



6 thoughts on “The DayDreamer

  1. Yea was going to say dont get too distracted by daydreaming, that you forget to lay down real plans… but I can see that you already said it all….its a very lovely article… it reflects what a good number of us do…. my present nick name (Blue Diamond) is from the super hero version of me in my day dreams…… in my opinion, I believe daydreamers are the best writers…

    PS. I actually take 2 days of from daydreaming every week. It helps me remember my reality.

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