7 Things I am Thankful For

Life can get stressful and at times we forget the little miracles that made us smile. At that moment, life generally just sucks. As the year is rounding up, I list a few random incidents that got on my nerves but I list something to be thankful for. In my opinion, you have the choice to decide how experiences impact you. You can decide to be thankful for the little things, feed and build up on that joy or you can decide to grumble/ complain about things. I have decided to be thankful (Always)!

A few things I am thankful for:

  • One morning, I forgot my glasses on my bed and only found out when I got to work. My eyes were really strained that day and I had a bit of a headache but I am thankful for eyes that can see.
  •  Hair day was just recently; I literally woke up- took out my cornrows- washed my hair- and braided it back. It was pretty stressful but I am thankful that I can make my hair myself (I have saved a lot of money on hair). I am also thankful for a healthy hair  even though I tend to not care for my hair.
  • I don’t really enjoy shopping these days. (It is a bitter sweet experience). I went black Friday shopping and although the mall was overcrowded; I was able to finish christmas shopping in under 3 hours! I am thankful for that!
  • I am thankful for situations that create tighter bonds with my friends.
  • There are certain things in my apartment building that have been very annoying- from having  iced cold showers to some questionable policies regarding maintenance.  However, I am thankful for the proximity of my apartment to basic amenities (pharmacy, train station, grocery store, gym, pub, bank, movie theatre and everything else). I am thankful for a place to lay my head at night and a place to call home.
  • As cold as the weather is, I am thankful for this weather. It could be worse, way worse!
  • Life has generally been very busy but I am not just thankful for just life but for the opportunity to make an impact.

“In ALL things give thanks”- 1 Thessalonians 5:18a

I look forward to hearing about what you are thankful for.


Picture source- https://www.flickr.com/photos/rustiqueart/6643935221

8 thoughts on “7 Things I am Thankful For

  1. Shalvah a school mate of mine started me on a Gratitude challenge today. Then I read this. So, here goes one of the things I am thankful for us that about 45years ago my parents invested in my high school education by sending me to a private convent secondary school. There I met girls who today continue to spur me on to good works. I feel so grateful for that opportunity.

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  2. Im thankful for the fact that I know i should be thankful… this is because I have the knowledge, that i should be thankful, irrespective of odds. Thank you for sharing the knowledge of the greatness in giving thanks. I pray it helps someone who’s about to jump off a bridge, to have a rethink; some people can’t even ‘see’ their way to that same bridge.

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