One Salad- 4 Different Tastes

So, as a part of my fitness journey, I had challenged myself to eat more salads which I am somewhat used to now. In addition to that, my work lunch is usually just a salad because it is easy to make and pretty filling too.

My major ingredients for my basic salads ( which I probably have every other day ) are: Spinach, Sweet corn, avocado and grape tomatoes. (They usually take about 5-10 minutes to prepare, this is with an exception of the protein).

An interesting and healthy fact is that I barely need any dressing  (occasionally I use a bit of olive oil when the salad is too dry) which I find very convenient and less fattening.

2016-07-11 13.48.18

Steak Salad with the broth that served as the dressing.

2016-07-14 12.44.58

Chicken salad (I boiled regular chicken breasts for this with some spices so I could enjoy the salad better, this salad also had lettuce added to it).

2016-07-18 13.03.31

Boiled Egg salad

2016-07-22 20.20.28

Fried egg and steak salad (Ok, the story behind this was that I was too hungry to wait for an egg to boil and so I fried the egg. I had a little leftover steak which I used for this salad. It was very tasty)

There it is, that is how I make my basic salads (I know, I need to get more creative). I hope you find this helpful and I look forward to hearing some other salad recommendations.

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